Websites and Search Engine Optimization

We can design your website from scratch using the latest software so that you can learn to update it yourself OR we can do the updates for you for an affordable price because your time is better spent doing other things.

We can also redesign your existing website. Whether you need major changes or just updates, it is important to keep your website as current and relevant as possible to your potential clients.

Keep in mind that even a website with a great design needs to have additional support.

It is important that every website is supported with a search engine placement budget, a budget to buy Google ads, ads on social networks, directory placements, and regular press releases to be created and disseminated. How much you have to spend to support your website is discussed based on your goals, budget, timeframe and competition.

Online media budgets account for more than 20% of over all marketing dollars spent and this figure will only continue to rise as online media companies develop even more opportunities to reach your exact customer today for a cost per person.

Ongoing internet marketing is the key to a successful website that will enable your customers to make a buying decision. It's our job to help the customer buy your business.

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